IRS Machining Services

Return shipping included in price

Are you building a Factory Five Racing Roadster or Coupe with IRS and need your rear hubs/rotors redrilled?
Don't want to deal with removing your bearings and bushings?
Do you own a Thunderbird and want to change to the SN95 bolt pattern?
If so please see below for the machining services I offer.

Changing Thunderbird rear hubs from MN-12 to SN-95 (5 on 4.25" to 5 on 4.5") $75

You send me your pair of hubs (removed from knuckles) and 10 wheel studs and I will:

You send hubs removed from knuckles and 10 studs

Drilled hubs with studs pressed in

You send this.
I send back this.
(these are the same hubs)

"Complete" Knuckle / Hub service

Don't want to deal with running around town getting hubs pressed out, cleaning, pressing stuff back together, and removing bushings? Then send your knuckles to me and I'll take care of them. I have built tooling specifically for these knuckles that properly press the bearings, unlike some general shops that may press with whatever is available. I also have built tools that remove the bushings without any side loads on the arms that can cause bending (optional service). I treat your parts like I was going to use them myself.

Standard Service $150

You send me your knuckles with hubs still installed but you have removed all of the brake parts and dust shields.  I recommend removing the bushings. I can clean them without removing the bushings but if you want paint, they must come out.  You also supply bearings and wheel studs. I will:

Upgrades / Options

Changing Thunderbird rear rotors from MN-12 to SN-95 (5 on 4.25" to 5 on 4.5") $75

You send me your pair of rear Thunderbird brake rotors and I will:
  • Drill the 5 on 4.5" bolt pattern on a CNC milling machine that has been dial indicated to the rotor mounting ID (to keep everything nice and centered)
  • Ship them back to you (included in price if in lower 48). I try to ship your parts back to you within one week of receipt.  I send you a tracking number as soon as I ship.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you drill Tbird hubs to Chevy, 5 on 5" pattern?
    Sorry, there is not enough material on the hub to do the Chevy pattern

 Can you convert Tbird Hubs to a 4 bolt pattern?

     No.  One of the old holes will always line up with the new holes and if the bolt circle pattern changes, you get a 'bad' hole that will not hold a stud.  I am not set-up to weld holes in hubs to accommodate this change.

Recommended Shipping Methods

I recommend shipping using FedEx Ground home delivery or UPS ground shipping. These methods are cheaper than the US Postal service and you get free insurance (up to $100) plus you get a tracking number. This way both of us are covered and there are no misunderstandings about where your parts are. To figure rates you will be shipping to zip code 98684 (Vancouver, WA). A set of hubs weigh about 11 lbs and a pair of knuckles weigh about 25 lbs. Both FedEx and UPS require a physical addresses, no PO Boxes, sorry. I will send you an actual shipping address once you contact me. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks.

-Stu Spencer
FFCobra member 413 
Factory Five MKII Roadster 4787K